1995 to 1999
Co-founder of Full Moon Multi-Media, Inc. (FMMI).   FMMI’s primary business focus was web site development and hosting.  Responsibilities covered all facets of operating the business and ranged from general administration, finance and accounting, through advertising and marketing as well as direct client sales.

1996 to 1999
Co-founder of DSP Enterprises, Inc. (DSP).  Designed and developed one of the first Internet based age and identity verification systems.  This system authenticate over 750,000 individuals for a total transaction processing value of approximately $9 million.  Strong focus was placed on business automation and real-time transaction processing of credit card and other payments.

1997 to 1999
Co-founder of (SB).  Spearheaded the product development of one of the Internet’s first e-commerce Gateways and Fraud and Risk Management Systems.  Processing levels reached $1.8 billion a year across approximately 12 million transactions with an average 30 tps and higher during peak periods.  Acquired by DCTI, Inc. in May 1999 and went public on NASDAQ.

1999 to 2002
CIO, CTO, and President of DCTi with responsibilities ranging across virtually every aspect of the business.

  • Redesigning an 8,000 square foot carrier grade data center in Salt Lake City.
  • Spearheading RISC2 the next generation of Fraud and Risk Management solutions based on a rules based engine and a neural network decision support system model.
  • Spearheading a re-engineering of the SB acquiring code from Visual Basic and C/C++ to Java.
  • Spearheading integration and upgrades of TSAI/ACI’s BASE24 Acquiring Platform.
  • Reengineering comWallet, from an acquisition, from old Microsoft Technology to .NET.
  • Managing both development and operational IT teams across 4 time zones and 4 cities.

2001 to current
Co-founder of Atomic Tattoos, LLC (Atomic), the world’s largest chain of branded tattoo and body piercing lifestyle stores.  Atomic currently has over a hundred employees across three US cities with 13 stand alone stores and 5 stores in major shopping malls with approximately $5 million a year in sales.  The Atomic brand is an experiential brand that combines all of the elements of the 18-24 yr old lifestyle and culture into a unique consumer shopping experience.  The Atomic brand has expanded into special event management activities such as concerts, events, and tattoo conventions.  As well, the Atomic brand has expanded into information services oriented toward the personal lifestyle market such as social networks geared toward niche social lifestyles such as music, tattoos, cars and other personal services and interests.  As well, the Atomic brand will be expanding into retail merchandise and clothing lines and medical spa type services in the coming years.  Atomic is one of INC. Magazine’s Top 5,000 fastest growing companies for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  Serves as Atomic’s CEO and Chairman providing legal, corporate governance, financing, advertising and marketing, and information technology advice and direction.

2003 to 2005
CTO Symmetrex through 2005 managing a team that delivered a next generation suite of payment processing and card issuing applications oriented toward service oriented architectures.  Some of the highlights and accomplishments include.
Spearheading the BASE24 card issuing implementation and go live for prepaid card issuing platform.
Architecting the Cardholder Portal (CHP), Cardholder Management System (CMS), and the issuing API platforms.
Spearheading the re-engineering of the .NET comWallet code base to Java.

2006 to 2009
Co-founder of PayAutoMata (PAM). PAM provided global business and software consulting services to payment processors and financial institutions.   Designed and built a next generation card issuing and acquiring platform for credit, debit, prepaid, stored value, and wallets that is both multi-currency and multi-lingual.

2006 to 2009
CTO at Altair Financial Services, Pvt. Ltd. in London with the primary role of leading Altair’s global product and software development activities with the object of delivering a technology platform capable of delivering bespoke prepaid card solutions in an efficient and effective manner.

2007 to current
Co-founder of 360 Sports Media Group.  360 Sports Media Group owns and operates sports oriented news, information, and social networking portals niche focused to specific sports.  360 Sports Media Group pioneered providing rich innovative content combined with the interactivity of social networking components to provide in-depth sports coverage as well as high user interactivity and uptake.

2010 to current
Co-founder of DE247.  DE247 operates electronic wallets, payment systems, reward and gift systems, and prepaid and stored value systems.  Developed DE247's next generation proprietary technology platform.

2013 to current
Co-founder of  EtherPOS is a real-time cloud based retail point of sale system designed for multi-store operators.

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