This is a list of projects that I am working on in some fashion or another.  Someone once asked me why I call companies or business projects.  I replied that it was because one is never finished with them and that perfection is a goal and unless viewed that way you have already failed.  You don't really own a business or a company you dream it, create it, build it, work on it and nurture it on a continual basis.

  • Atomic Tattoos - CEO/Co-Founder - A retail chain of tattoo and body piercing studios.
  • Debite Elite - CTO/Co-Founder - A prepaid debit card system.
  • 24-7 Bill Pay - CTO/Co-Founder - An e-commerce platform, electronic/virtual wallet and bill payment system.
  • - CEO/Founder - A real-time cloud based retail point of system system for multi-store operators.
  • - CTO/Founder

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