Monday, October 20, 2014

What can you build with Meteor?

In early 2012, I was searching for a platform, framework or stack with which to build EtherPOS (video) and eventually SignWaive (video).   I had looked at every possible option and had decided Node.js was the best solution.  Primarily, because of the advantages of a single language code base, the possibility of sharing code between the client and server and the potential for real-time communication via SocksJS or  I needed a solution that would allow me to build something that behaved like an application and not a website from the 90s.

I had already stumbled upon Meteor because of the original hacker news article.  I was in San Francisco for the Future of Money & Technology Summit III and there was quite a bit o chatter about Meteor among some of the developers in attendance.   Generally, in order to evaluate a solution, I build some basic applications first to see what it is like.

So, well before EtherPOS and SignWaive, I embarked on the grand adventure of creating my first Meteor application...or rather applications...