Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chromebooks Ain't Fer Grandmas!

Earlier this year, sometime around February, my laptop had some sort of existential crisis and fell apart at the hinges!  The screen hinges literally broke separating the screen from the body of the laptop.  To make matters worse I was on a business trip in London.  Thankfully, the cabling didn't break and I was able to prop the screen up and get through the trip.  Though I did look pretty ridiculous and a tad ghetto-fab to boot.
Left hinge gone, right hinge broken and bezel de-bezeled!

Unfortunately, it was my one and only lovable laptop.  An awesome bulky, heavy, hot runnin' Dell Latitude E5500 with a screamin' install of Ubuntu.  It was my work, dev and play deck and it was a goner!

While I waited on replacement hinges, a screen frame and a spare screen (just in case I screwed up the original screen doing the repairs...yeah I repair my own hardware...the OG scrooge mcduck here...), I couldn't help but wonder what might be out on the market in terms of new linux laptops.  To my utter dismay nothing very good.  Mostly big, bulky, black behemoths and all of them were quite costly.

Having heard a lot of online chatter about Chromebooks, I decided to go take a look.  They all looked pretty bad ass.  The only problem, Chromebooks run Chrome OS which is a pretty limited cloud based operating system.  Or so I thought!