Sunday, May 18, 2014

Paperless and Tree Hugging in 21 Days with Meteor

Last month I did a lightning talk about EtherPOS at the Meteor April Devshop and I explained how I used Meteor to automate and streamline close to 90% of our business processes at Atomic Tattoos.

The timing of the Meteor April Devshop was perfect because I had been running my company Atomic Tattoos, a 18 store 3 city collective partnership of tattoo and body piercings studios, on the EtherPOS application.

I was very inspired by all of the wonderful people I met that were attending the Devshop, and Alice, Jade, Avital and Slava of the Meteor Development Group, Chris Mather of EventMindedSacha Greif one of the authors of Discover Meteor and all of the other lightning talk speakers.

So, inspired, that while I was at the Meteor April Devshop, I decided to tackle Atomic Tattoos next largest problem: paper!