Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Getting CRUDy with Meteor

So, over the past couple of months I have told a number of people on the Google meteor-talk forum and on irc that I would whip up an article about how I have implemented forms handling and basic crud in my Meteor application.

This article comes with a few caveats.
  1. I started my application before Meteorite.  So, I don't use 3rd party packages and I haven't converted these application design concepts into packages.
  2. This isn't a cut & paste recipe.  This is a high level overview of my application design.  It should be sufficient for someone to understand and potentially implement.
  3. I am still on Meteor 6.4.1.  No idea if it will work with 6.5.1
  4. I am simplifying what I did to make it easier to follow and leaving A LOT out.
  5. I wrote this fast.  It will be littered with misspellings and grammatical errors.