Monday, August 15, 2011

The Gift Card Diaries

Back in 2004, at one of my companies Atomic Tattoos we launched a plastic mag-stripe gift card program that was driven through our credit card Point of Sale terminals into Lynk Systems Gift Lynk platform.  As a fleet of multiple stores, printed paper gift certificates just don't cut it as there is not enough back office over sight and too much potential for fraud.  Considering that I already had almost a decade of payments technologies experience including experience prepaid debit card systems, software and programs, why didn't I bring this in house?  Well, I finally took the plunge and brought the Atomic Tattoos gift card program in-house with our own custom written software.  So, either I am lazy or the impetus toward development is definitely economic and based on cost of external services versus cost of internal services in energy, resources, time and money; that is when an exercise is not purely academic.