Saturday, December 31, 2011

Socially Responsible Enablement Technology

At one of my companies Atomic Tattoos we have actively engaged in Socially Responsible campaigns since 2003.  Specifically we created, launched and have maintained Toys for Tats and Tats for Tatas.  Both of these are socially responsible commercial campaigns that generate more benefit for the participants than the costs of the campaigns.  In fact, the commercial costs of these campaigns is actually less than the commercial value while producing extensive social and community value.  The problem over almost the last decade has been management of what was a primarily manual effort.  So, this year, 2011, we decided to introduce technology and business automation into the design and ended up creating what we now call a Socially Responsible Enablement Platform.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Gift Card Diaries

Back in 2004, at one of my companies Atomic Tattoos we launched a plastic mag-stripe gift card program that was driven through our credit card Point of Sale terminals into Lynk Systems Gift Lynk platform.  As a fleet of multiple stores, printed paper gift certificates just don't cut it as there is not enough back office over sight and too much potential for fraud.  Considering that I already had almost a decade of payments technologies experience including experience prepaid debit card systems, software and programs, why didn't I bring this in house?  Well, I finally took the plunge and brought the Atomic Tattoos gift card program in-house with our own custom written software.  So, either I am lazy or the impetus toward development is definitely economic and based on cost of external services versus cost of internal services in energy, resources, time and money; that is when an exercise is not purely academic.